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My Writing

From current day Ireland to regency England, the next series of books will soon begin with A Quality Woman, Book One of the Indomitable Duchess Series. Early 19th century living was lived at a different pace, and by an entirely different set of rules. One must never refuse to dance when asked, and one must never put a foot wrong. But what of the duchess-to-be who can’t seem to put a foot right? Read young Lady Agatha’s story in, A Quality Woman, coming soon in ebook form.

Mulligan's Dream

Book One of the O’Farrell Legacy

A Winter Sky

Book Four of the O’Farrell Legacy

Double Take

Book Two of the O’Farrell Legacy

C’mere To Me

Book Five of the O’Farrell Legacy

Brandon: Bad Boy of Kinsale

Book Three of the O’Farrell Legacy

A Special Flower for a Special Lady

Winner, When Hearts Meet (2005)


Book 5 is now a thing!

The family has grown and changes are happening faster than anyone could imagine. Henry and Siobhan’s daughter is leaving the nest…but does that mean the nest will remain empty? Niall and Michael are adopting a baby, but it’s not smooth sailing for the handsome duo. Even the family matriarch, Kathleen, is not immune to things going awry. As for the others? Only a read through this steamy finale will answer those questions!

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January 2018 update

Life has a way of interfering, sometimes. All those things you planned to do simply go out the window because life has decreed otherwise. In this case, it was three things. You know that old adage about things coming in three’s? Well, it’s true. My intentions were...

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