My first blog post!

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Today marks the day when I can honestly say, I’m done. Not done with writing. Oh, no! That will never happen. I’m done with fussing over my website and after having turned it over to someone who knows what they are doing, have, in the process, felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders. All those advertisements that stated how easy it was to build your own websites are full of it. Now, I know I’m not the most computer savvy person out there but neither am I stupid. I just don’t seem to have the sense to figure things out. I can work on sites, I can do a whole lot of things with programs. I can’t, however, seem to build a website.

So, I went to the pros, and boy, did they deliver! What I now have is a site that is easily navigable, with a few little tidbits to help readers identify with me and maybe take an interest in the novels I’ve written. At this time, there is one available as an ebook, and a second due to be published in the upcoming months. They are part of a series of 5 books, and Book 5, the one I have just begun, is being rather difficult. But then, as it is the last in the series, and therefore, takes in aspects of all the preceding novels, it is bound to be a little more intricate than one single story.

As well as the books I am writing, this site will showcase the places I have been in order to write those novels. Note that I will eventually (translated here as in another year or two), have a book out regarding a place I have never visited, but that’s what the internet is for. And if you think that can’t be done effectively, just look what Diana Gabaldon accomplished before the internet ever existed. She has admitted to doing her research the hard way, and doing it at a time when a trip to Scotland just wasn’t possible for her at that time. It’s called ‘libraries’. When I began writing, I too, was unable to visit the places I wanted to write about. It was too expensive and some of the sites were off-limits. Those stories have yet to be polished and readied for publication, but will one day surface, the facts in them researched first through our small town library and now through the internet. And as for viewing the lay of the land? Google Earth has never been more perfect than now.

And then there is my family. You will note that I write under the pseudonym of S. M. Cross. My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Cross, a family that lived in Kew Garden, south of London, England, up until about 1913. I adopted it because it was kind of catchy. For all my relatives and friends, please know that I have not disowned anyone and I love you all as much as I ever did.

So that’s it. I will be adding to this little blog from time to time, where I might write about the frustrations of writing, the pain of killing off beloved characters for the betterment of the story, and the joy at seeing the words pour onto the page as if flowing from some other realm. Writing is hard, easy, enervating, draining. It is everything to me, and although I often doubt myself with other aspects of living, I have never doubted my love of writing, nor the desire to do so.

So welcome to my site! I do hope you will return often and leave me a message if you like. I will eventually get back to each and every one of you.

Sláinte mhaith!

Upcoming Publications

Book 5, the final book in the series, The O’Farrell Legacy. Look for it Fall/Winter 2018.