C’mere To Me

Book Five of the O’Farrell Legacy

Finally, and at long last, here is Book 5 of the O’Farrell Legacy, “C’mere To Me”.

The family has grown and changes are happening faster than anyone could imagine. Henry and Siobhan’s daughter is leaving the nest…but does that mean the nest will remain empty? Niall and Michael are adopting a baby, but it’s not smooth sailing for the handsome duo. Even the family matriarch, Kathleen, is not immune to things going awry. As for the others? Only a read through this steamy finale will answer those questions!

It’s interesting to note this series is read worldwide, from Asia to Australia, from Europe to North America, and is now available online through Apple, B&N, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and of course, Amazon, as well as a host of others. Pretty heady stuff!

Everyone else filed out of the old hotel, down the steps toward the path. Just out of the light from the large dining room windows, Henry grasped Siobhan’s hand, holding it tightly, stopping her from following everyone just then. “Wait,” he said, and watched until there was some distance between themselves and the rest. Even Emily had run ahead, as if she were still ten instead of nearly eighteen.

“What?” asked Siobhan, looking unsure with the moonlight glancing off her cheeks and reflecting its light in her eyes.

Henry couldn’t stop himself. He leaned over and kissed her, urged her mouth open with his. He wanted more than a peck on her lips. He wanted her to know how much he loved her, because suddenly he was scared. Scared he was going to lose her.

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