Double Take

Book Two of the O’Farrell Legacy

A scandalous scheme to ruin sexy Liam O’Farrell’s film career and that of his lady love and co-star, Sine Maguire, sets the scene for the second book of the Irish erotic romance series, “The O’Farrell Legacy.”

Liam and Niall are mirror twins, mirror images of each other in every way. Liam: an outgoing actor, a real lady’s man; Niall: quiet techie, introverted and in love with Michael. But when Liam breaks his ankle, the only solution is for Niall to take Liam’s place on his current production on a Caribbean island.

Niall, scarred by years of hiding his homosexuality, is hardly agreeable to pose as Liam.

Someone is trying to sabotage the film and ruin Sine’s career. A desperate bid to save the film lands both Sine and Michael in bed and in trouble, and the tabloids have photos to prove it.

Stuck in Ireland on crutches, the real Liam is helpless to act. His broken ankle aside, he knows he must somehow get to the island to do some major damage control, even though exposing the ruse to the producers could end up ruining both his and Sine’s careers.

And then there are the tabloids with their ugly stories…are they true?

Niall felt Michael’s hand on his arse, soft, caressing. Even through his dress pants, the warmth soothed and comforted. Or should have. But they were out in public, in a field before a great ruin of a castle in County Kerry, just west of Killarney, there to witness the joining of Niall’s half-brother, Hank Mulligan, and his Canadian bride-to-be, Laura Foster, in holy matrimony.

The weather held fair, and was expected to according to Ciara, his younger sister who had, as many old people used to call it, ‘the sight’. These days, people just said she was psychic. And she was. She’d predicted this wedding, this day, and said that if they all got together and had an early wedding, the rain wouldn’t spoil it at all. So far, so good.

His identical twin brother was in attendance as well, as were all the O’Farrell siblings. Liam, the outgoing twin, the one who laughed and joked and dangled life from his little finger the way local fishermen played with a fish on a line. Nothing was too good for Liam. He had the world by the tail. An actor and a lady’s man, he was the one who didn’t care what people said, who thrived on rumor and innuendo. His photo was front page news, his antics made headlines. He was Ireland’s hero, and he knew it. And loved it.

Not so Niall. The less people knew of him, the better. He was uncomfortable to the extreme in public, and having his brother’s picture plastered in the news was bothersome to him. He neither wanted nor looked for attention from anyone, and so he stood, uncomfortable and edgy, feeling Michael’s hand on his arse.

Michael pulled Niall close and kissed him quickly, fully on the lips.

“Change of heart?” Niall asked.

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