Mulligan’s Dream

Book One of the O’Farrell Legacy

Divorcee Laura Foster is done with marriage. Men just can’t be trusted—her ex-husband proved that. But a fling—that’s a completely different thing. So when her handsome Irish neighbour knocks on her door in the middle of the night during the worst snowstorm of the season, can she really turn him away?

Hank Mulligan, Irish immigrant, has settled well into his new life in Canada. With his little cabin in the mountains of British Columbia, he has everything he wants, except someone to share it with. His lovely neighbour would be perfect. She’s pretty, she’s sexy, but does she even know he exists? So when an avalanche knocks his truck off the road near her place, where else would he go?

Then Hank’s Irish past comes back to haunt him and he must return to Ireland to clear his name.

Will Laura follow Hank or will she let her mistrust of men destroy the love they seem to have found in each other’s arms?

From the wilds of Canada to the green hills of Killarney, will Hank and Laura find Mulligan’s Dream?

A distinct thud repeated itself and finally roused Laura from sleep. In her dream, she’d been doing home repairs, hammering a nail into the wall, the thud of the hammer banging the nail home in perfect time with the thud that awakened her.

A repeat of the pattern, and then a muffled shout, as if someone was calling her, was enough to wake her fully. Turning on the light and throwing a robe over her nude body, she quickly descended the stairs to the main part of the cabin. A glance at the long case clock in the corner showed it was not quite three in the morning. Hardly a time for visiting. So if not a visitor, then who? The clock’s ticking was the only sound in the cabin. It echoed off the hardwood floor and briefly, she heard the wind blow snow at the window, grainy bits like pebbles on the frozen glass. Otherwise, there was no other sound. Maybe it was her imagination, run amok on a cold winter night?

Just in case it wasn’t, she needed a weapon. Too bad she’d never owned a gun. She could sure use it now. The poker by the fireplace was the closest thing she had to hand, and Laura grabbed it as she made her way to the door on shaky legs.

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